Historic meeting get thumbs up from Hà Nội

Historic meeting get thumbs up from Hà Nội

发布者:羿蓉城 发布时间: 2024-03-20

Historic meeting get thumbs up from Hà Nội

Historic meeting get thumbs up from Hà Nội

HÀ NỘI — Koreans and Americans living in and visiting Việt Nam watched with baited breath as one of the most important historic moments in international relations was broadcast to the world.

US President Donald Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meet in Singapore Tuesday morning.

A handshake for the cameras, then the pair disappeared for what has been described as the meeting of the century.

Historic meeting get thumbs up from Hà Nội

It is the first time in history a sitting American President has ever met his North Korean counterpart.

Here in Việt Nam, many were glued to their television sets and mobile devices at  八am as the meeting began.

Businessman An Sung Gu said he felt very happy as watched, having never imagined in his life he would see such a sight.

“I was very very very happy to watch this kind of big event,” he said.

“This historical su妹妹it. After the cease fire of the Korean war more than  五0 years ago, in that period nobody imagined we can see this kind of historical su妹妹it.

“But today all these things already happened between an American leader and a North Korean leader – meeting each other in Singapore and talking about peace.

“We Koreans are very happy. We can see that we will have some peace in the Korean Peninsula in the future.”

Meanwhile Americans vacating in the capital were also delighted.

 “I think it’s actually really great,” said tourist Shakira Crespo.

“It’s about time our countries are talking together and hopefully will come to some agreements. It’s a great thing. A historical moment right now.

“Hopefully it means that we can do more business with more countries here in Asia. I love the relationship that we have with others, like Việt Nam and I’m hoping that we will be able to do more business with another country.”

Fellow American Randy Case added: “Six months ago it didn’t work very good between North Korea and the world – along the United States.

Historic meeting get thumbs up from Hà Nội

“So I’m excited. I think it’s the first step – it’s gonna be a long process. I just hope that neither of them are sticky and trying to get one-up on the other. I just hope it’s honest, I hope they’re real, and they’re trying to do what they say they’re doing in public.” — VNS